Sometimes, you just need a push…

Marbled newt - found in the woodshed

Call it serendipity, perhaps, but sometimes you just need the push to get on and go for it…

I’ve been busy recording a series of videos, with the intention of providing these as free resources, to help (initially) small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) tackle the challenges of sustainability and climate change. As discussed in my last post, there are several factors in the decision to create these, not least the impending climate emergency, which needs radical change, implemented by all, across every part of our planet.

As with any new venture, and particularly those involving talking to camera, I was holding back. I needed a push and I’m delighted to say, I got one. An accidental setting, which meant my presentation on Prezi wasn’t private, meant it was selected as one of their Staff Picks, appearing on their gallery.

So that’s that, decision made. I’ve started to publish what I’ve made to date, with everything freely available on YouTube. More will be published in the very near future – so watch this space.

We’ve updated our business model, breaking away from a classic capitalist, private company, to one supported by Patrons. This means we can shape our content with our audience, based on their shared needs, answer questions and build conversations. If you can support this work, we thank you hugely. If you can’t, we still hope that you find the videos useful and that they can help you to achieve your sustainability journey.

Either way, FuturEcoLogic and myself personally, remain 100% committed to normalising sustainability, making it simple and easy for people and organisations, and importantly, making it work for our beautiful planet.