Two weeks until COP26

Autumn leaf in the sunshine

Is everyone ready for the conference of our lifetimes? Do the politicians understand the severity and challenges facing humanity? Can they look past profit and shareholder value to see how our economic systems needs a refresh? Blah, blah, blah (well put Greta!).

The vast majority of us won’t be attending COP26 in Glasgow. Even if we did, our voices there might well be drowned out by competing parties and diametrically opposed viewpoints. In my latest video, I look at what COP26 means, why it’s important and what potential outcomes we might expect.

More importantly though, I looked at what action we can take right now, ourselves, without relying on anyone else. As discussed in my last post, the main thing that I’m taking away from the evening with Satish Kumar is that we only have agency over our own actions. Every tonne of CO2 not entering the atmosphere now is limiting the amount of warming we face. We are not responsible for all of it and can only take responsibility for that which we control directly. Here then, we can find greater peace when facing the enormity of the crisis.

If you want to take action now on climate change, then start here:

Make your voice heard – Write to your MP, write to your pension company, write to the local councillor and anyone else who takes your fancy. Making your voice heard by following our democratic rights is important. Emails and letters will be counted and views noted. It doesn’t need to be War and Peace – clear and simple is normally best.

Declare a Climate Emergency in your organisation – Show that you take the challenge seriously and bring colleagues and others in to be part of the solutions. Tackling the challenges by setting up some days for participation and discussion around this agenda does not need to be difficult. Ensure that colleagues are informed and representative of the organisation as a whole.

Put your money where your mouth is – Choose green energy and recycled products, choose low energy, high efficiency and get your building (and house) in order. Encourage and enable low carbon and active travel, repair first and replace last, understand and assess environmental impacts.

Build networks with others – Partnership and collaborations through networks is going to be necessary going forward. No one (or organisation) is an island, we’re all on this beautiful planet together. Future transformation will require better relationships across our lives, with the living world, within our society and as we develop a regenerative economy.

FuturEcoLogic can help move climate conversations forward, proving mentoring and support to deliver action. Discuss your needs with us.