FuturEcoLogic can creatively and logically analyse organisational forces, highlighting risk exposure and embedding sustainability thinking and practice. We aim to impart our clients with knowledge and techniques relevant for the journey as they deliver their sustainability targets.



With experience of implementing sustainability approaches in large, complex organisations, FuturEcoLogic can effectively evaluate, plan and develop strategy and programmes. We work with clients to co-create policies, strategies and management systems enabling effective and positive change.

FuturEcoLogic can maximise value through;

  • Sustainability appraisals and benchmarking
  • Organisational strategy and policies
  • Divisional strategic impact reporting
  • Advise on environmental management and evaluation tools
  • Compliance and accreditation
  • Managing sustainability projects



Mobilising and communicating with internal and external stakeholders is a key part of ensuring sustainability change is undertaken effectively. We enthuse and inspire senior leaders, staff, supply chains and clients about the multiple benefits that can be achieved through sustainability thinking. FuturEcoLogic shows clients how to promote their sustainability credentials, embedding their ethos within an organisational vision.

Our engagement approach can include;

  • Board-level engagement
  • Staff inspiration and awareness programmes
  • Mentoring and capacity building
  • Events and promotional activity
  • Stakeholder workshops and training
  • Enabling partnership and collaboration
  • Innovation and idea cultivation



Organisations today have the potential to access huge amounts of data, providing strong baseline information upon which to build manageable and improving sustainability targets. We can identify useful cross-referenced datasets, gaps and opportunities during goal-setting exercises and effective ways of monitoring and reporting regularly. FuturEcoLogic sees itself as a critical friend for clients and will maintain contact post-contract to ensure our intervention can be seen positively in the long-term.

Evaluation requirements may include;

  • Sustainability appraisals and benchmarking
  • Data collation and baseline reporting
  • Gap analysis and cross-referencing opportunities
  • Implementing monitoring systems
  • Creating reporting processes



It is only through strong and effective partnerships and collaborations, we can collectively tackle the challenges of environmental change. FuturEcoLogic brings sectors and organisations together, enabling shared challenges and opportunities to be discovered and solved. Our experience ranges from national to local level forums, managing conflicting needs and aligning shared values.

We can assist organisations by;

  • Identifying local, regional or national partners
  • Enabling stakeholder networks
  • Seeking opportunities for shared resource partnerships
  • Supporting clients in building relationships


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