About Us

FuturEcoLogic helps to mentor business and organisations towards a better, balanced and sustainable future. We are passionate about delivering positive change and enabling sustainability leadership. Our knowledge and experience is wide-ranging, working across communities through to large, complex organisations.

We have changed our business model to reflect the urgent need to deliver climate action – by everyone. We are primarily supported by our community, through our Patreon page – https://www.patreon.com/FuturEcoLogic and via specific fundraising for projects. In this way, our aim is to ensure that sustainability thinking and the ‘how to’ is freely available to all; empowering people and organisations to become their own experts.

If you can support this approach, we really appreciate it. Becoming our Patron or supporter will also mean you can help shape our content, based on shared needs, ask questions and start a conversation. There is so much brilliant work to share around sustainability, some difficult and challenging conflicts to resolve and whole, new systems to build. Collectively, we can achieve the necessary changes to build a truly sustainable future, one in which our children and grandchildren can continue to thrive.

Our planet is in a time of rapid flux; the rise of technology, environmental pollution and ecosystem breakdown, global trends and climate change are all affecting the future course of humanity. The time for change is now.