Stamina and new ideas

Campaigning for change needs stamina and perseverance. For a long time, it can feel like being an annoying mosquito, whining away in the dark, keeping the target troubled enough to not ignore you.

Decades ago, environmental scientists began to describe the waste, destruction, loss and damage we are inflicting on our home. The latest IPPC report describes clearly the dangers, economically, socially and environmentally, of allowing our planet to warm past 1.5⁰C. Sadly last night, I’ve just read yet another article describing the loss of animal and plant-life across our planet. Ecological forces, not beyond our control, but so complex that we don’t fully understand what we have lost so far, are near fully pressurised. It’s easy to feel at loss.

By working on things that can be achieved, collectively with others, the fatigue of the campaign can be overcome; action is forged. Small victories are extrapolated across communities, snow-balling change. The act of collaboration, knowing that your group action, however small, is part of a greater movement, helps to build stamina and perseverance.

This month, the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces have made enough noise for the Mail on Sunday to launch a major campaign.  Our local green space partnership is now in a position to start their training for volunteer’s programme, providing insurance for groups and developing a new website. Worthing Climate Action Network have become a fully constituted organisation, allowing us to start applying for funding and increasing our activity. These combined efforts are adding merit to the efforts of volunteers, all of whom are working to improve and protect the environment. We’re celebrating, charging the batteries with this success, volleying new ideas and readying ourselves for the next stages. Bring it on!