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FuturEcoLogic is responding to the climate emergency by transforming the way we work. Everyone – from individuals and businesses, to Governments and public institutions – needs to take urgent action. Inspired by a great teacher, Dave Hampton (The Carbon Coach), our aim is to provide accessible resources, without the need for funding. As he said, “we need an army of carbon coaches to tackle these challenges”.

Aimed initially at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) our video resources library covers:

  1. Strategic sustainability for business –
  2. How to begin… –
  3. Building the framework –
  4. Governance –
  5. Energy and Carbon Reduction –
  6. Water –
  7. Waste –
  8. Procurement and supply chains –
  9. Travel and transport –
  10. Estates and buildings –
  11. Organisational development and workforce –
  12. Partnerships and networks –
  13. Economics and finance –
  14. Recap: Sustainability for Business series –

To get you started, we have created an editable Sustainable Development Action Plan. This gives a general outline of how to plan your actions, based on the areas above. Depending on the type of business and your sector, you can change, remove and add sections as needed. Download this document from the bottom of this page. 

Our efforts are supported through our Patreon page. By becoming a Patron, individuals or organisations will be able to ask questions, help shape our content based on shared needs and receive exclusive updates. All videos will be freely available to anyone, Patron or not, so we can build the momentum needed to achieve zero carbon as soon as possible. Contact us today and see how we can support your efforts.