An hour with Satish Kumar

Truly honoured last night to spend an hour, as part of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners Earth Conversations series, with Satish Kumar. A true gentleman and hero, Satish inspired us with his stories and words, so here are some of the takeaways from my notes during the evening:

  1. We are one humanity, one life and one Earth – all coming from the same origin and made of the same elements.
  2. Unity and diversity dance together and we must celebrate this diversity.
  3. Intrinsic value is lost in the industrial system – humans and nature are not just resources – we are souls and beings.
  4. Integrity must be a goal for the economy.
  5. To create change – Protest, Protect and Build (create alternatives) – all this with love and non-violence.
  6. We need happy activists, those who find joy in their sacrifice – have hope.
  7. Young people need to cultivate courage and trust – the qualities of the heart cost nothing.
  8. To live is to risk.
  9. People are the power.
  10. We cannot predict how and when change will happen, but we still act until our last breath. The universe will give us the gift of change. Do not worry about the results.
  11. Small actions are important, these greater and greater as more people act – actions are like the beginnings of tributaries for all our planet’s major rivers.
  12. We need culture, art, music and joy – these are where our imagination is released.
  13. There is no one way to act – diversity is to be celebrated – we use the tools and means we have. Results are not in our hands, action is.

During the event, I asked how we could relate many of the ideas to our existing systems, particularly for those running businesses. Satish reiterated how all actions are important, so for business, starting the journey now and working to become a zero carbon is key.

With COP26 only a few weeks away, there has never been a better time to assess and interrogate business practices to deliver the reductions in carbon, pollution and waste.